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Create the life your heart desires.

I help women get out of their heads and into their hips to transform unhealed patterns of trauma, fear and shame through yoga therapy, spiritual coaching and ancient wisdom.
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Balance Your Root & Sacral Chakras & Embrace Your Feminine Wisdom

5 Ways to Balance Your Body, Mind & Heart

Transform Postpartum Anxiety & Depression through Ancient Wisdom

3 Strategies to Transform the Postpartum Blues

A Roadmap Back to Health & Sanity through Whole Foods & Herbal Medicine  

7 Natural Methods to Reclaim Your Health

In a world that wants us to be hyper-productive and where busy is the norm, it's easy to be dissociated from your body's wisdom and disconnected from nature's natural rhythms...

Business Coaching & Strategy

Stepping into entrepreneurship is a quest guided from the heart. But the reality is that building and growing a business is a deep excavation of your soul and learning to get out of your own way. My business coaching combines life coaching with business strategy based on my years of successful entrepreneurship as an owner of a brick and mortar yoga studio and wellness center and a digital marketing business.

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Do you...

  • Feel overwhelmed?
  • Suffer from physical pain and compounding health issues?
  • Eat your emotions?
  • Use external sensations like sugar, food, shopping, and sex to fill the numbness in your body and heart?
  • Have trouble making decisions and knowing what you want?
  • Have an inability to feel joy?
  • Break your own boundaries and agreements?
  • Feel you're not "good enough"?

1:1 Intuitive Body-Based Coaching

Embody your highest wellbeing through a combination of spiritual guidance and yoga therapy practices, including embodied movement practices, breathing practices, and meditation. Sessions include a multi-disciplinary approach rooted in ancient wisdom that aims to help you balance physically, emotionally/mentally, energetically, and spiritually.

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If so, your body and heart are trying to tell you something.

When we only focus on the physical body and visible symptoms, unhealed emotions and trauma that continue to be ignored will escalate in compounding health problems.

I believe you should not be held back or suffer any longer by something that can be resolved by connecting to your body's wisdom and the natural rhythm of mother nature.

— About Me

Hello, I'm Alyssa Pfennig!

Intuitive Mama, Yoga Therapist, Business Strategist, Speaker & Podcast Guest

I’m an intuitive mama, serial entrepreneur, and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) living my best life with my daughter in Mexico.

I help women transform unhealed patterns of trauma, fear and shame and create the life their heart desires through yoga therapy, spiritual coaching, and ancient wisdom and earth medicine practices.

After suffering tremendously postpartum, I am also dedicated to helping mothers transform their health, embrace their rebirth and break generational cycles of fear and shame using the ancient wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda, and spirit medicine.

I have been honored to share yoga as a therapy with veterans experiencing chronic pain and PTSD in conjunction with the VA Hospital and Indiana University. I have also worked in a clinical setting inside of a specialized unit at Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

When I’m not speaking, teaching or writing, you can find me spending time with my beloved daughter and dog…and dancing tango and salsa.

Alyssa Pfennig Certified Yoga Therapist
Years of

Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.
"It was the first time I truly felt like I had a network of support and a community of like-minded women. I was understood and able to process the ups and downs of daily life without judgment."
Frankie R.
"I had no idea that simple lifestyle shifts that were in tune with the fall and winter months, like keeping warm, adding warming spices to my meals, and having a daily routine, could not only help me recover, but also help me avoid my usual onset of depression when it got dark and cold. Plus, I looked forward to connecting each week with the other women. It was the only time I truly felt understood."
Cindy A.
"I hired Alyssa to support me with the growth of my therapy business from an individual practice to a group practice. Alyssa was FANTASTIC to work with. She gave me ideas about how to represent myself in the community as a thought-leader and then together we created a time-line, assigned action steps and got moving! Alyssa updated and revamped my website, created an email template for me to send out, assisted me with the language I needed to move from individual clinician to group therapy practice in my communication with my team and managed all SEO."
Julia S.
How it works?

Simple Steps to Transform

It all starts with a single first step.

Unresolved traumas and emotions that have long been ignored and stuffed down can come to the surface, just asking to be paid attention to. This can feel challenging and years of talk therapy isn’t getting to the root issue.

That’s where I come in. I can help you navigate these feelings and guide you in how to face your shadow and embrace your rebirth. You’re not losing your identity. You’re getting closer to the real you. Let me show you the way.

Ready to start?

Start balancing your root and sacral chakras and embodying your feminine wisdom with this FREE guide!

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Wherever you are in your journey, these guides can help.
Join a Wild Wisdom Circle
We are not meant to be in this world alone. We need our community of like-minded women! Make space to connect and we are here for you.
Show Commitment & Get Support
If you need more 1:1 support, I invite you to work with me and dive deep into what's coming up for you as a mother.
Embrace Your Rebirth
You can embrace your rebirth when you accept your spiritual transformation and listen to your heart's highest callings.

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Awaken Your Wild Wisdom

Find daily stress relief, focus, clarity, and life-long sanity with this meditation program. Great for beginners or those looking to deepen their practice!

Need a speaker on wellness and entrepreneurship?

I share my combined expertise as an entrepreneur, yoga therapist, and intuitive coach, weaving energy medicine and holistic wellness into entrepreneurial success. My presentations are interactive and experiential as well as informative and inspirational.

Topics include: Pricing & Self-Worth | Getting Out of Your Own Way | Allowing Support & Letting Go of Control | Releasing Fear | and more...

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