Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Need help with your business growth strategy?

Let me share my years of real-world business ownership experience and digital marketing expertise, so you don't navigate entrepreneurship and online marketing without a compass.
Alyssa Pfennig

Learn how to prioritize and put systems in place that can support you.

Get back to nourishing your vision and let my team handle the administrative and marketing aspects for you. 

Entrepreneurship can feel like a roller coaster. Let’s work together to get your nervous system regulated and your business making sustainable income. 

Create a strategy for growth and remove any limiting beliefs and blocks to your success.

Let me help you navigate technology and create a systematic way to generate leads both online and offline that works for you. 

Learn how to reconnect to your life’s divine purpose and come back to alignment.


Let me share my years of experience and lessons learned with you don't have to do it all on your own. Nourish your business vision and take back the reins as I keep you accountable and hold your hand as you grow, launch a new program, and more.


Tired of spending countless hours of your time working on technical integrations and marketing processes? Let my team help!

Wellness Retreats in Mexico

Private Programs + Retreats

Bespoke programs, private retreats, and private coaching designed for the specific needs and goals of female entrepreneurs that include a combination of 1:1 intuitive business coaching, strategic workshops, and immersive experiences in nature. These are customized and can be fully remote, onsite in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), or a combination of remote and onsite. 

Preparation (3 weeks)

Remote or onsite in San Miguel de Allende

Life-Changing Retreat (1 week)

On location in San Miguel de Allende

Integration (3 weeks)

Remote or onsite in San Miguel de Allende

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How it works?

Simple Steps to Transform

It all starts with a single first step.

You need a community of like-minded women and it all starts with support and reaching out. 

Make a decision
You got this!
Schedule a FREE Discovery Call
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Show Commitment & Get Support
Work with me 1:1 inside my transformational coaching program or join me on a retreat.
Increase Your Impact, Influence & Income
Make your business work for you and transform your wisdom into sustainable profit.

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5 Ways to Balance Your Body, Mind & Heart

Download this guide now and learn more about the root and sacral chakras.

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