What is Wild Wisdom?

You may be asking yourself, what is Wild Wisdom?

When I began my journey to connect to my femininity years ago. I had no idea it would lead me to reconnect so deeply with nature, horses and my pelvis. I had no idea where to begin and just thought it was about wearing more so-called feminine colors and dresses.

The more I dove deep within myself through my yoga and meditation practices, my life began to unfold in beautiful ways. I was introduced to a friend who shared the way of the Horse and how to connect with the land and Spirit from her Native American roots. 

Through that experience, I longed for horses to be a part of my life and attended a mind-body and horses retreat in Arizona. The experiences I had there were so profound and revealed so much, including the intense feeling of being alive on my third day of riding my horse, Latigo, through the desert.

I was transformed. I was connected deeply to myself. The horses showed me that I needed to open my heart to receive and that I truly could share healing energies with my hands when I was grounded in being.

I knew I needed to incorporate this deep connection to Horse and feminine wisdom into my yoga teachings. I knew I needed to share this wild wisdom with the women I work with every day so they could feel alive again, tune into their heart’s desire and embrace their feminine power.

Are you ready to begin your journey and connect to your wild wisdom?

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