I’ve learned I’m worthy of any and all the things. I have changed my outlook on myself, those around me and situations. Alyssa never pushes me and helps me believe in myself that I can accomplish things. She has given me courage to face things I never thought I could or wanted to. I am beginning to believe again. Thank you with all of my heart.

/  BEV L.  /


Working with Alyssa not only helped me feel validated with the symptoms I was experiencing, but actually provided me with options to address my concerns.  She tailors her services to your individual needs and employs a wide variety of techniques to ensure you truly find relief and begin to be YOU again.  I would urge anyone who believes their current state is just 'how it is' to explore one-on-one therapy with Alyssa to return to being your true, best self!

/  edye e.  /


I first went to see Alyssa for chronic lower back pain and because my legs had started to ache as well. I had no idea what to expect. I had tried several different yoga classes over the years with mixed results. After just one private session with Alyssa I started feeling better! She showed by how to correct my posture and stretch my legs without increasing the pain in my back. I was shocked! Alyssa also created a personalized wellness plan that included massage, yoga, and deep breathing techniques. I continued to experience positive results and have been pain free for several months. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Alyssa.  

/  RHONDA S.  /


"Working with Alyssa has been a truly enlightening experience. I can honestly say that I felt heard on an individual level while going through the process. She was able to develop a treatment plan for me which was very specific to my needs and will enable me to continue growing and being the best version of myself. I look forward to the next steps of this journey. Thank You!

/  kevin k.  /