#012: The Art of Thai Yoga Massage with Shai Plonski

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Who doesn’t wish that someone would just do yoga for them?

Well, your wish is granted. It’s called Thai massage.

This ancient form of massage not only combines passive yoga and acupressure, but it’s foundation in loving kindness makes it more than just your typical bodywork session.

Today’s guest, Shai Plonski, shares his journey to discovering Thai massage, opening Still Light Centre and sharing this transformative and healing therapy all over the world.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The history of Thai Yoga Massage

  • The practical application of the pillars Thai massage for yoga teachers

  • How Thai massage is powerful for transformation and healing as a life practice and can make you feel 10 years younger

  • Sharing the practice can help strengthen bonds with loved ones through sharing loving kindness, a key pillar to Thai massage

This episode is sponsored by our upcoming Foundations in Thai Yoga Massage and Table Thai 1 trainings at Embarque in March. We’ll welcome Albert Lee from Montreal, senior teacher with Still Light Centre.

Go to embarqueyoga.com/events to learn more.

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