#003: Self-Inquiry and iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation with Stephanie Lopez

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Peace of mind is closer than you think.

After an awakening power walk and touring with the Grateful Dead, Stephanie Lopez found beauty and wonder in the most ordinary of experiences through the practice of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

Since 2002, Stephanie's work has been informed by her longtime immersion in the non-dual teachings of yoga and an integration of the wisdom traditions of both Eastern spirituality and Western Psychology.

She interweaves principles of iRest and self-inquiry into her clinical psychotherapy practice. In addition, she maintains a specialized practice devoted to iRest, helping people uncover their essential well-being, deal with difficult emotions & beliefs, and develop a meditation practice.

iRest programs are taught in yoga studios, community centers, clinics, schools, hospices, correctional facilities, and U.S. military hospitals across the world. In June of 2010, iRest was endorsed by the US Army Surgeon General and Defense Centers of Excellence as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Tune in to this episode to hear Stephanie's story of her unique journey, more about the panchamaya (kosha) model of healing used in yoga therapy and how the iRest protocol and meditation practice can help you connect to the wisdom of your body and transform the way you live in this world.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Stephanie’s story of her struggle with anxiety, experiencing a deep connection with everything while power walking in nature and what led her to become associated with the iRest Institute today

  • The Panchamaya Model of Healing (aka the 5 Koshas or 5 Dimensions of Being Human) used in the practice of Yoga Therapy and how yogic tools can help you with connecting with the wisdom of the body, mood management and more

  • The 10-Step Protocol used in iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation as a way of living and how you can tap into the parts of your brain that allow for greater insight and quiet the parts of the brain that are responsible for negative thoughts, feelings, and sensations

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Xo, -Alyssa

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