#046: Autoimmune Support with Marcie Evans

Autoimmune disease is on the rise. 

You may even find yourself with many of the symptoms and no diagnosis. 

And often, you have no idea where to even begin to find healing. 

But there’s hope beyond medication or even thyroid removal {what???} when you look to nourishing yourself through natural methods. 

Self-care is an essential step when it comes to managing autoimmune disease. It’s certainly not an option anymore.

Tune in to today’s episode with Marcie Evans to learn more about her story of receiving four diagnoses {yes, you read that right!} and how she has found healing in yoga, Pilates, nutrition and other nourishing, natural methods. 

Marcie Evans has been healing her own autoimmune disease for over two decades. With four diagnoses, she has experienced the gamut of symptoms that can accumulate with autoimmune. She understands what you are going through, and has been through the process of finding medical professionals who were dismissive and unengaged, to finding medical professionals who were empathetic and helpful. She has been through several treatments, mostly natural. Over the last twenty-five years Marcie has spent endless amounts of money and time on remedies and treatments— some that worked and some that didn’t! She understands how hard it is to find and maintain close relationships, because although you may look perfectly healthy, you are constantly walking the fine line between making choices that may either aggravate or alleviate your autoimmune symptoms. There is no cure for autoimmune disease, but with good choices armed with the knowledge to self-heal, some motivation, resilience, and positive thinking, Marcie knows that you too can get through this and feel like yourself again! 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Marcie’s story of healing her own autoimmune disease for over two decades
  • How natural remedies can help manage flares
  • How motherhood can flip the switch for autoimmune to show up
  • The importance of setting boundaries to ensure your self-care

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