#009: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Erica Siegel

Eastern medicine is so close to my heart.

The entire approach of looking at the whole person from physical to energetic to spiritual is the way I think we should always look at every human being.

Today’s guest, Erica Siegel, shares the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to healing.

Tune in to this episode to learn about Erica’s background and training and the powerful healing modality of acupuncture.

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, especially acupuncture
  • An overview of the invisible energy lines called the meridians
  • The difference between acupuncture and dry needling
  • What to look for in an acupuncturist, including licensing and in-depth training

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Wild blessings,
Xo, -Alyssa

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