Release Energetic Blocks of Fear & Shame in 5 Days

The 5-Day Challenge to Embody Your Pelvic Wisdom Begins April 22

Consider me your pelvic embodiment coach! I’ll show you step-by-step how to feel good in your hips while you release fear and shame and unleash your creative power with practices I use everyday.

You’ll discover how to release energetic blocks, open the root and sacral chakras, transform ancestral trauma held in the pelvic bowl, and ultimately connect to your own wisdom. Join now!

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Ready to release fear and shame, let go of energetic blockages to your experience of love, and reprogram the pelvic region so healing can begin?

  • The challenge starts on April 22, 2022.

  • I’ll be your embodiment coach for 5 days!

  • Every day you’ll get a new pelvic wisdom practice in your email with step-by-step guidance on how to connect to your pelvic bowl and begin to clear energetic blocks. Plus, there is a beautiful 5-day downloadable journal.

  • Each day’s lesson has an audio meditation with a breakdown of how to practice and connect to your hips…and ultimately, the wisdom that resides here. You don’t have to figure anything out—just let me be your guide.

  • On Day 5, join me LIVE for a guided, group meditation and tips for keeping your pelvic embodiment practice strong after the challenge ends.

  • And of course, we’ll engage inside our private Facebook group, the Wild Wisdom Collective, to motivate and support you.

  • Oh, and check this out! On Wednesday, April 27 I’m leading a LIVE bonus Q&A to answer your questions about embodying your pelvic wisdom to transform trauma and release fear and shame.

  • ….all of this for ONLY $37!

When you sign up before April 15 you’ll get access to 3 bonus prep lessons in the members-only portal before the challenge starts!