Hi! I'm Alyssa!

Heal your horse.

I help horses and their humans heal through a combination of hands-on craniosacral therapy and coaching.
✔ Find relief for your horse’s nagging ailments
Create a stronger bond with your horse
Release stress and find peace knowing your horse is well
Alyssa Pfennig Horse Therapy

Does your horse struggle with:

If so, your horse is trying to tell you something.

When we only focus on the physical body and visible symptoms, unhealed emotions and trauma that continue to be ignored will escalate in compounding health problems for your horse…and maybe even yourself.

I believe youR HORSE should not be held back or suffer any longer by something that can be resolved through a combination of coaching and sensitive, hands-on bodywork.

Schedule Your Discovery Call
I want to hear your story and all about the unexplained issues your horse is experiencing. I know your horse is important to you and I'm here to help.
Alyssa Pfennig Horse Therapy
Get a Customized Plan
I will recommend a transformational healing plan. This is usually 3-6 weeks of working together through a combination of craniosacral work and horse-human connection coaching.
Alyssa Pfennig Horse Therapy
Heal Your Horse
Through our work together, we will get to the root cause of your horse's issues, which is often interwoven with it's human. The more you're willing to be open, the faster you can help your horse (and yourself!).

Horse-Human Connection

Horses are Mirrors to our Subconscious

Horses help us discover hidden parts of ourselves. And when you have a special bond with a horse and they begin suffering, they're sending you a message. And you both need to process and heal together. I help guide you through this process through coaching and yoga therapy combined with hands-on bodywork for the horse.

— About Me

Hello, I'm Alyssa Pfennig!

Intuitive Coach & Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)

I’m an intuitive coach and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) living my best life with my daughter in Mexico.

I help heal horses and humans through a combination of hands-on bodywork called craniosacral therapy and coaching to get to the story underneath the story (or what Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls el rio abajo rio). 

I have been honored to share yoga as a therapy with veterans experiencing chronic pain and PTSD in conjunction with the VA Hospital and Indiana University. I have also worked in a clinical setting inside of a specialized unit at Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

When I’m not speaking, teaching or writing, you can find me spending time with my beloved daughter and dog…and dancing tango.

Years of

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