Energetic Connections & Intergenerational Healing

I would have never imagined I was carrying the pain that my uncle felt while serving in Vietnam or the deep sadness my mother felt for the loss of her twin brother at birth. These things that no one talks about because they are too painful to feel can be passed down from generation to generation. And the events that happen to us as children can play out in our adult lives over and over until we process and release the emotions that our body carries with us all these years.

I didn’t understand energy therapy for the longest time. I only understood it in the sense of allowing energy to move freely through acupuncture and Thai massage. I had no idea some of these blockages and stagnation could also be released through the gentle manipulation of your energetic field or by actually accessing and processing emotions long stored in the body. 

The first time I went through an energy therapy session, I suddenly sensed a ton of tension in my neck and shoulders and a vision of my father appeared. He was in a halo to stabilize his neck after a car accident. I called him immediately afterwards to ask him if that was before or after I was born. It was a year before. In that moment I knew some of his pain and trauma from that event was passed on to me and I had just released it for both of us.

In additional energy therapy sessions and an Akashic Records readings, the things that happened when I was eight years old kept coming up. My sister was hit by a car, and yes, that had a huge impact on my entire family. I don’t remember much. It was over 30 years ago. Why would it affect me today? Well, the body keeps the score. I couldn’t access or feel any of the emotions that probably came up when the accident occurred, during the three months my sister was in the hospital in a coma, or when she came home. For all I knew I was numb. Numb at eight years old. But the energy therapist sensed fear and that it was shoved down deep. My body remembered. It makes sense that I was fearful. I was just a child. 

Now my work is to release the emotions that have long been stored in my body from that event; thus, releasing the patterns that came from that turning point in my life. We all have events in our lives that change the course and lead us onto a new path. We don’t have to keep locked into our patterns. Once we become aware, we can release what no longer serves us and start anew.

There are various ways to work with energy healing and I’ve found each practitioner works in different ways. I am blessed to have both Lisa Segall and Karen Hellman at Embarque, my yoga studio and holistic health center in Indianapolis. If you’ve been searching for answers or feeling stuck, book a an energy therapy session today.